[ask] Book recomendation

(Riska K A) #1

I need book recomendation of python especially for backend developer.
please suggest with criteria level for “begineer”; “intermediate”; “advance”.


(Vitor Freitas) #2

An intermediate Python book I would recommend Dan Bader’s Python Tricks

And an advanced book I would say Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho

Both books are not tutorial-like and require some experience with programming. They are more a reference book that you wouldn’t read it cover to cover, but instead jump to topics that interest you, or topics that you need some insights

(Riska K A) #3

“Python tricks by Dan Bader” is one of my favorite books after “Head First Python 2nd Ed”.

I’ll go with “Fluent Python” for next.
Thank you.

(Bunyaminu Sani) #4

For beginner level, Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes is a no brainer. It’s a project oriented book, with exercise at the end of every sub-chapter which builds towards a mini project by the end of the chapter.
It also has a projects part (part 2, the latter is part 1) where Data Science, Game Development and Web Development (django) with pytohn is being taught.

Overall, I think it’s nice book, self explanatory and extremely beginner friendly at large.

(Vitor Freitas) #5

Nice! Good to know about this book. And it is a great thing being project oriented, because it helps a lot to process and understand why you are learning certain things. Whenever I can I like to give practical examples. For me it is the best way to learn

(Richard) #6


  • Learn Web Development with Python (published in december 2018).
  • Django 2 by exemple is nice,
  • Django RESTful Web Services

You can have a look on :

a lot of good items.