Best WYSIWYG library you can suggest

(Arvie San) #1

What is the best WYSIWYG django library that you can suggest in terms of feature, compatibility and easiness of integration?

(Vitor Freitas) #2

I don’t have much experience with using WYSIWYG editors with Django, but in the past I have used either TinyMCE or CKEditor.

Usually the integration with Django is straightforward, you can store the input in a TextField and sanitise the user input using bleach.

There is this django-tinymce app, but I never really used it. It

Maybe others can help sharing their experience with it :smiley:

Recently I came across this Froala Editor, it looks really good! But it’s not free. They also have a Django app django-froala-editor

(Lúcio Henrique) #3

Take a look at at django-ckeditor. It´s awesome and provide fully integration with django-admin too. I’am using along this years and never disappointed me.

(Erwin van Meggelen) #4

You really should try Summernote, there’s a extremely good Django package available for it as well: django-summernote

(Vitor Freitas) #5

+1 for the Summernote!

For me the number 1 priority on those WYSIWYG editors is how well it handle content pasted from external source? For example, if the user copy a text from a Word document or from some Website, how well the editor remove the unnecessary styles/HTML tags so the result is consistent

Another thing which is usually a pain point for me, is handling user uploaded images to be embedded in the text they are editing with the WYSIWYG editor

(Fireman Pineda Orozco) #6

I used in TinyMCE is so good for me. But only required basic funcionality.

(Devil) #7

I use ckeditor works fine for me.

(Kevin) #8

Hi Vitor, does it allow to upload multi images?