Can you guys review My Task Management App

(Khalil Mehtal) #1

I Want some feed back on a task management app i’ve been working on and i want to hear some feedback and mainly what you have done differently or something clearly need improvement .

what i was trying to make ?

  • it’s just a simple task managmen app where the user can Create a new project
  • in that project he can add multiple areass such as : First floor , second floor etc
  • in the area he can add tasks and follow the tasks expected end time vs real end time , how long the task is how much it cost etc …
  • lastly every task need tools and tools can be sent from the stock in the stock you can see the stock list update the stock in case you made a mistake restock or send tools to a task

the web app is available on this link
the github repo

(RicS) #2

Sounds nice !

You should add a Account App.
Each user could create fews projects and view his project, etc… manage a team…

Well done !

(Ousseynou Diop) #3

Great thanks for sharing.

Just try to implement authentication and link task to user who created it.

(RicS) #4

If you have time…
In your “Authentification User App” imagine that a user should be able to create a project OR he could be invited to join and participe on a project already created.
In this case, it means, he will not be able to manage tools, tasks and other.

I will be interest to see which options you will choose to implement it.

(Vaibhav Mishra) #5

Great nice app…
You can use pagination in your app. Because if large number of table data then it will be useful for users.