How long should a Project like vitor's Parsifal take?

I have a personal project which is of a similar size to vitor’s parsifal (link to parsifal project here :, I have been working on it for six months now and I am starting to feel like I am moving slowly, my python/django skills is intermediate, and I set aside atleast two hours daily working on it, how long should a project like that take ?

You can take a look at the history of commits of Parsifal in order to understand how long it took Vitor to build the website.

I think something that can benefit you a lot is to use some project management tools in order to keep you focused. For example, it is very easy that you start developing code, your mind goes freely into problems which are not immediate, you start fixing those, but stop with core functionality, etc.

A clear example would be: building a registration flow. Then you wonder, what would happen if someone wants to login with Google credentials, but then you read you should also add Twitter credentials, until you find Auth0. And thus, you read about them and their API. In all that time, you didn’t improve your product, which only requires people to register.

2 hours per day, per 6 months is about 240 working hours, which is 6 weeks full-time work. I’m not sure about the complexity of your project, but it looks a bit too long if you more or less know what you are doing (i.e. you didn’t use the 6 months to learn Django, etc.).

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