How to create basic RESTful APIs with Django?

Please make video tutorial on RESTful APIs with Django


This might help you Build a Rest API with the Django REST Framework

Thanks but there is using Django 1.11.8 and my demo project working on django 2.1 and python 3.7

I will work on some Django REST Framework tutorials soon. I’ve been working with APIs a lot with Django lately

The link @Arvie_San shared is a good reference. Actually there is no big changes from 1.11. Maybe the URL paths are the biggest changes… but other than that you can apply pretty much everything on Django 2.1


There’s no much difference on the 2 versions as what @vitor said. You can even take advantage of the differences because it will make you troubleshoot it, thus making sure that you understand the concept and not just following the tutorial. I learned Django 1.11 by following a Django 1.9 tutorial and it’s hard but it is rewarding.

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