How to Implement CRUD Using Ajax and Json

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i have followed tuto How to Implement CRUD Using Ajax and Json but i dont success i want to realise project like that, to have list of product with button add and edit search with ajax and json in django
please every one can help me i m confused
where i can found like that or any one can put tuto How to Implement CRUD Using Ajax and Json in new version with more detailled steps


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(Arvie San) #2

You can check this tutorial. Basically you will need to use Django rest framework to create APIs where you can send your ajax requests. You will send Http (put, patch, get, post) requests against the exposed endpoints (urls) you generated using Django rest framework which will return data in json format.

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The above link is for Dajngo 1.11?

That is a lot of work for a simple web page showing Students only with 4 fields. CRUD is not the primary Django forte, think transactions and database normalization (like gender in this example, which might not be text, but a foreign key to genders table (male, female, undecided, transgender, something else I’ve missed?)

And than have a look at this:

Almost no coding involved. While I respect Django/Flask, use proper tool for the job…

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