How to Skip particular form step in Django form-wizard?

Hi, I am working on step form, for that i’m using django form-wizard but facing an issue.
My step form consists of 5 step i want to skip step 2 so flow should be like 1->3->4->5.
I don’t know how to do this, please help me out. Sorry for my english.

Why do you have step 2 if you want to jump? Try to explain a little bit more, so others can understand what do you mean?

Let’s say my steps are -
step - 1 User Basic informations
step - 2 address informations
step - 3 bank account information
step - 4 Employment information
And i want step 2 as optional . I may , may not use step 2 so how can i skip and redirect to step 3 ?

So you might set those fields blank=TRUE or null=TRUE on models class, you can check on this link: