How to validate empty field value in django 'import_export' at db level

Hello everyone I have created one webpage where I am using Django ‘import_export’ Resource for .xlsfile upload. I am having below fields name in the .xls file as shown below image.

Now here id is my primary key and upload functionality is working fine. Now I want that when the user is uploading details AConnectID should be checked/validated and if it is blank then the process should stop.

I have tried using null=False and validator but it is working at the form level.

AConnectID = models.CharField(max_length=100, null=False,validators= [validators.MinLengthValidator(3)])

Any help on this how-to validates it?.

class CTAResource(resources.ModelResource):

 class meta: Model=CTA

Hi Sorry for late reply, you can define you excel level field in your resource class like -

from import_export import resources,widgets,fields

class CTAResource(resources.ModelResource):
AConnectID = fields.Field(column_name=‘AConnectID’, attribute=‘AConnectID’, saves_null_values=False)
class meta: Model=CTA

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Hi Viny_Maurya,

Thanks, I have used It but no luck. As I am not getting any error and it is accepting empty value.

Hi Shailesh ,
In that case you should use import_row() method in your resource file,there you can handle your null value error . You can import each row of excel here by checking if value is not null .
pls refer to document

Hi Vinay,

Is it possible to count row from the .xlsx file by using before_import(by writing some logic/not sure how to write) and check if no of row let say more than 100 then do not upload it?