Jam.py framework

(Ljudva) #1

Hi guys,

I am puzzled with so much traction about Django, and yet no comparison or tutorial about Jam.py.

To be fair, a lot of people need the tool for the job, and I have found Django way more complex for non-developers. It’s like comparing MS Access for a quick working DB solution at work, and C# with Oracle :slight_smile: Or Apex :slight_smile:

Or is it not? Surely someone out there is using Jam.py and can chip in :slight_smile:



Sorry, forgotten to add http://jam-py.com

Oh, and Kitos from ex-Helsinki employee (Ferratum Oy).

(Vitor Freitas) #2

To be honest that’s the first time that I came across this Jam.py framework. I watched their 7 min demo, and it looks really cool! The closest that Django does is perhaps the Django Admin. But nothing like that :slight_smile:

I like to see Django Admin as a back-office application for content-driven Websites. And even though Django is a generic and very complete Web framework, it is still very tailored to websites/blogs/general web apps like social networks etc. I mean, there are a bunch of built-in features (e.g. flat pages app, syndication feed framework, redirects app, sitemap framework, etc) that are specific for this kind of application, and less useful for enterprise/database driven apps like HR, financial, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build this kind of stuff with Django

I want to explore more about Jam.py and see how mature is the framework, because it indeed looked really nice!

Six years ago or something I used to work on an Oracle consultancy company, and there was some people working with Apex back then. It looks like it evolved quite a bit!

(DELEX) #3

It looks very nice。:grinning:

(Ljudva) #4

Thanks Vitor!

I did not know about Django Admin, infact don’t know anything about Python either. I’m just an engineer with no too much time to learn this huge frameworks. Hibernate? Angular? All ‘scary’ stuff I have no time or interest.

Need something that learning path is not that high. Apex is expensive, even tho it’s great for us non-developers.

Thanks for your time in exploring Jam. Looking forward for reading more!


(Vitor Freitas) #5

Yep… that’s the main problem with Oracle technologies. They have some really good stuff (like Apex, ADF, and the database engine itself). But the price is prohibitive and more focused on corporate level customers :confused:

Maybe starting off with Flask instead of Django? Flask is a little bit simpler and requires less configuration when compared to Django

But it depends on what you want to build or what you want to learn. The Jam.py framework seems to be really good but also very limited on what it can do, maybe it’s not suitable for certain web apps (because it’s out of its scope). But at the same time (I think) you won’t need to code any JavaScript, CSS or touch HTML :slight_smile:

(Ljudva) #6

Cheers for that!

Yeah, stumbled across Flask/Django, even Openxava. To provide some context - I spent days on it and could not even get their demo working.
So yeah, it’s not easy for non-devs. To be fair, MS Access and Excel still rules the office. It gets us going with limited time/money, and this will need a generation change :wink: