Looking for some ideas to get started with Django web development as a begineer

(Shekhar Nunia) #1

I need a help regarding my college major project, I hope you give any suggestions.

In my college, we need to make a minor and a major project.

For miner project I already have made a very basic Question and answer website. But for my major I don’t have any idea to start the project.

Can you suggest me some topics on which I can make something.

I’m not too much experienced with django, for now I was able to understand some basic stuff like I was able to understand vitor beginner guide.

So I hope you give some topic regarding these things


(Vitor Freitas) #2

First of all, really cool that you are doing your college project with Django! :smiley:

Not the answer you are expecting, but you are the one that knows best what you should implement for your major project! :smiley: Specially because it’s going to be some non-trivial project and might take longer than a day or two. If you are doing something that’s not interesting to you, the chances are that you are going to get bored or loose the interest very quickly.

I would say, try to think of a problem you have. Then solve it. Try to build something that you would use it yourself. This would be the best scenario for you.

But if you want some inspiration, here is a list of projects ideas that you can pick:

(Shekhar Nunia) #3

Thanks you so much!:blush:

You gave me what I was looking for, now I’m going to build something which came be useful for me