Nice text editor like on this forum

I am writing a web application where I need a text editor such as in this forum where I can edit the text and also mention someone in the comment. Does anyone know how to get it?

Thnaks and best,

Hey Mark, this forum is created using an open-source forum/community maker called Discourse (similar to Buddypress/Flarum). Users would need to be added and defined as a “mentionable” object.

What you could possibly do is get Discourse (which is free) and embed it into your site. It is relatively easy to then connect the two accounts over (what I mean by this is that if you already have some form of user login/authenticiation for your webapp, you can integrate that easily with your discourse forum). You could also do this with buddypress or flarum, or in fact any other community maker, however open source ones are best. You’d also need hosting space, but that shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

If you need anything else, there’s a reply button :slight_smile: