Operating system for developing

(Shekhar Nunia) #1
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows

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Hello friends,
I’m formatting my laptop and going to boot another OS so I would like to know your opinions on which operating system I should choose.
Previously I was having Ubuntu in my laptop but what If I choose windows then will it be complicated for me to use Django and other python libraries.
I’m a B.tech student so I have to make presentations and reports for my college, and in Ubuntu, we didn’t get that much high-quality office that’s why I would like to know your opinions on which OS should I choose.

(Vitor Freitas) #2

I’ve always had similar requirements (the need of having development tools + office suite)

I found a middle point on macOS. It’s great for development with Python/Ruby etc, and at the same time you also have available the Microsoft Office suite

Downside are the costs of Apple stuff

But I don’t know, I guess you could make both options work, Ubuntu or Windows. I haven’t really used Windows since Windows 7, but I heard nowadays they have this kind of Ubuntu terminal? Maybe things got better to develop on Windows machines

If you want to go with Ubuntu as the main OS, I think Microsoft offer an online version of the office suite. I think it should be good enough.

You can always do dual boot or use Windows/Ubuntu on a virtual machine too

Maybe go with the one the you need the most right now? :slight_smile:

(Shekhar Nunia) #3

Thanks for you kind suggestions.
I will keep this information in mind while selecting main os.

Thank you.

PS: Thanks you for your open source bootcamp project, with the help of that I’m getting idea of how to do more advance things with django models and queries.

(Gerald Brown) #4

For an Office Suite try LibreOffice. It is FOSS (Free Open Source Software). It will load and create any Windows office files. LibreOffice has many more features than Windoz office.

(Shekhar Nunia) #5

Okay thanks for your kind suggestions, I will surely try it.