Python Design Pattern with case study

(Riska K A) #1

I’ve read many tutorial design pattern with python. But, I still get confused where should I implement each pattern. If any one have better resources please help.


(Lúcio Henrique) #2

Actually there is a lot of patterns that can fit better based on what kind of project you are developing. Here there is a collection of most used design patterns.

What kind of project are you working? A Django based?

(Riska K A) #3

Yes, many of them django based.
But I mean, I know some of design pattern, but just know based on coding. I Don’t know what story behind until we decide to choose some the pattern.

(Vitor Freitas) #4

I think it would be nice to dive into Django source code and explore some design patterns they have used. Having a real world example is the best way to grasp the concepts

For example on the model form factory, lazy translation tags. Django signals are also somewhat an Observer pattern

I remember being fascinated by the subject while I was in college. I still have a physical copy of the Design Patterns book. It’s a great topic to explore/study