Python/Django and Fronend/Backend Question

I am new to Python/Django world. I saw the tutorials and created my first ‘Hello World’ webpage (yay!).

I am looking for some help to created webpage similar to below link.

Is it possible to create a website in Python/Django framework similar to above link and what should be the frontend?

Appreciate your expert comments!


Hi @Abacus_Sphere!

Yes, you can pretty much do it with Django

I checked this page and it looks really cool! Not quite sure about all the frameworks/libs they used, but it looks like regular HTMLs with jQuery + other JavaScript code.

Django would be responsible for providing data, communicating with a database and returning the HTML to the browser. Then the hard part would be coding this frontend, which would be JavaScript + CSS

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Thank you, Vitor. This was very helpful.

You will need a true front end pro to achieve that front end look.

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