RSS and Atom feed

(Shekhar Nunia) #1

hello all,

I checked many website and one thing I see very commonly is that their is a section of RSS, I really don’t have any idea about RSS, can anyone give some highlight on this topic so that I can get started with this.


(Vitor Freitas) #2

RSS is basically a XML file that is updated periodically, whenever a new post is published in a blog for example.

It provide a simple interface so other applications can read/monitor this XML file and notify the reader that there is a new publication available.

It’s a way of following the content you like, without having to access the website to know if something new was published.

Here you can see what this RSS file looks like: (this is the RSS feed from my blog)

I think back in the days when there was still Google Reader, RSS was more popular. But there are other online readers like Feedly, where you can create an account and subscribe to blogs/sites RSS.

There are desktop applications too that you can install and follow RSS feeds. For example I use this one, which is simply an icon that change the color when a website that I follow publish something new: