Welcome to the Tutorial Requests board!

Hey there!

Here is the place to post your ideas and suggestions about tutorials and videos you want to read/watch. But before posting a new topic, do a quick search and see if someone else already posted a similar request. If so, like the topic to show your support and reply adding more details.

I will use the topics here to prioritise future tutorials and learning materials.


I think it’s great that this section exists!!. Could you consider a tutorial to use django channels?. greetings from México.


Sure thing! You can create a new topic with your request so people can like/reply etc ;D

Hello Victor. I emailed you concerning how to run the Colossus email marketing app. I am able to run it in Developing mode . But I want to use it for my website but don’t know how to go live off the test mode to start messaging. I tried by contacting siteground on hosting it … they calling a monthly charge I can’t manage. Please assist and it will be on record as a good gift to Africa.

I will write a tutorial about it soon, on how to setup it properly to put in production mode. Meanwhile I will follow up on your email to try to help you out!

Hi Vitor, thanks for this. I like to request for a celery tutorial and a method to dynamically add a task, periodic task and removing them.
I searched many forums, but the answers are vague. Hoping to see a simple tutorial from you again. Greetings from India

Hi @vipinmohan22
Sure! Please start a new topic here at https://community.simpleisbetterthancomplex.com/c/tutorial-requests so we can organize the discussion around it

I would rather prefer videos over blogs, so if possible please convert your blogs into videos.
Thank you.

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