What makes a great Python developer?

(Frédéric Bouby) #1


Everything’s in the title, but not only the language knowledge, of course :wink: how to become a great, at less a good, developer?

(Vitor Freitas) #2

I would say a strong foundation, knowing your toolkit and knowing where to look for the info you need :wink:

I mean, after you truly learn and understand computer programming (regardless of the programming language), you can learn any programming language/framework. So many things that I see that makes a great developer apply to other languages/technologies too.

But on the specifics, because of some characteristics of the Python language (e.g. weakly typed/dynamic typing), I think special attention to writing documentation of the internal APIs and unit testing are fundamental skills for a Python developer.

Knowing the ecosystem is always a very good thing, so you know what library you must use when you face a certain problem. So experience will eventually adds to that :slight_smile:.

As a bonus, I think it’s also important to reflect on The Zen of Python ;D and apply those concepts on your day-to-day work. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the “practicality beats purity” bit lately. I followed this principle quite a lot in the past months when designing some Django models and focusing on the ease to retrieve the data, instead of the purity of the most correct design of the data model.

And let’s not forget a good Googling skill ;D