What's your top 5 must have python/django libs?

(Vitor Freitas) #1

What libraries you always use in your Django projects?

  1. django-crispy-forms
  2. django-debug-toolbar
  3. dj-database-url
  4. python-decouple
  5. ipython

Number 3 and 4 are for settings module management only, and 2 and 5 for development only. I use the Python shell a lot during the development, so ipython is always very handy!

I used to have Unipath in that list, but I would use it only for the settings. Nowadays I just stick with the os.path.join().

(liketotravel) #2
  1. django-allauth
  2. django-crispy-forms
  3. django-axes
  4. django-environ
  5. requests

(Cleiton Lima) #3
  1. django-bootstrap3 or django-bootstrap4
  2. django-debug-toolbar
  3. django-extra-views
  4. python-decouple
  5. requests

(Vitor Freitas) #4

This django-extra-views looks promising!

I was recently looking at django-axes for a new Django project I was developing. But I decided just to log failed login attempts for now. I might update it in the future to use django-axes instead, as it seems to provide some nice features!

(Lúcio Henrique) #5
  1. django-autocomplete-light
  2. django-rest-framework
  3. django-silk
  4. widget_tweaks
  5. django-localflavor

(Vitor Freitas) #6

Cool! I didn’t know about this django-silk app for profiling – I will take it for a spin later on :smiley:

I used to use django-widget-tweaks a lot, but recently I started to like crispy-forms better

(Devil) #7

My current favorite is https://github.com/graphql-python/graphene-django

Using it for my next project, now DRF seems old fashioned to me, Graphql is the future.

(Vitor Freitas) #8

It’s hard to keep it up with all technologies/frameworks/libs etc popping out all the time
I want to explore GraphQL a little bit to at least have a notion on how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

(Devil) #9

Go for Graphql you won’t regret it.

(liketotravel) #10

Hey! Just curious, why DRF is old fashioned and why is Graphql is the future?

(Devil) #11

The GraphQL approach is much more flexible and is able to overcome the major shortcomings of REST

Read the following articles for better understanding

(Oleg Kleschynov) #12
  1. djangorestframework - because my front is always on Vue.JS
  2. django-filter - helps a lot with drf views, when you need some filtering.
  3. django-model-utils
  4. django-versatileimagefield - highly recommend to check.
  5. django-constance - perfect solution to store settings.

And for development proccess:

  1. django debug toolbar
  2. nplusone

(Augustus Ezenwankwo ) #13

I prefer wiget-tweaks. Its easier to customise.