Your take on Wagtail

Only recently I’ve come across Wagtail. On the one hand it looks like a great tool, my feeling is that websites like realpython are built on it. However, I wonder whether it is a wise addition or not. It feels like adding a framework on top of a framework. You start loosing control on what is going on. If I were developing solutions for customers, it may be a good way of speeding up the process, but in my case, which I develop websites for myself, I wonder if it is a wise approach.

I prefer things like the Pinax project, from which you can learn a lot, but couldn’t find a lot of examples of websites built on Wagtail (the source code is mostly non-public).

What is your opinion about building on top of Wagtail?

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I just experimented with it a bit, and it looks really cool. I would also like to hear from people implementing it in real cases or any other comments on the topic.